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FedEx Logo Locator

FedEx Logo Locator
FedEx Corporation
Oden Marketing & Design
Oden Marketing & Design - user interface
Megan Jones - project management
Matthew Lewis Carroll Smith - coding, implementation
FedEx's marking department approached Oden about creating a site that would help enforce uniform use of FedEx logos both internally and externally. Oden contracted us to do the coding. The project was originally speced to be written in Python; it would allow a user to select a number of options like size and background color and would produce the correct FedEx logo. Since Javascript was new and *gasp* platform independent and *double gasp* client side, I decided to give it a try first. It was rather simple to implement and the client liked my work. However, when they were told I did it in JavaScript they had an aneurism and I quickly re-coded it in Python. Say "La Vee".

This site is gone, or gone private, or both.

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