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Crime Scene Evidence File

Crime Scene Evidence FileDate:
Crime Scene Evidence File
Tom Arriola
Vaskin Kissoyan - white knight, suspect
Matthew Lewis Carroll Smith - graphics tweaking
Long ago, when the world wide web was in its infancy, a guy named Tom Arriola had a brilliant idea to stage fake crimes in an imaginary Mississippi county and post information about them online. Thus the Crime Scene Evidence File was born. Soon Tom's site made the Cool Site of the Day list and his web server was slammed. My friend and co-w0rker, Vaskin Kissoyan, heard of Tom's plight and offered to host the Crime Scene Evidence File at Christian Brother's College. Tom gladly accepted the offer. Eventually Vaskin moved the site to our place of work, Quest Interactive Media. The generous publicity the site got (and thus the publicity that Quest received) more than paid for the bandwidth consumed.

My part in this saga was rather minor. I created a seal for the county of Yoknapatawpha and did some minor graphics tweaking, too.

Vaskin, on the other hand, became written into the first crime file. He was wanted for questioning and then an APB was issued and eventuallyYoknapatawpha county detectives interviewed him. Some guys have all the luck.

Check out the current Crime Scene Evidence File. It's a hoot.

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