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W. M. Barr & Co.
Matthew Lewis Carroll Smith - project management, user interface design, coding, implementation
This site promotes an odorless, colorless synthetic kerosene product. This site is a case in point on how adding "little things" can destroy a website.

The site was originally conceived to be a series of short stories which illustrate the uses of the products. After numerous revisions, the stories were finally reduced from being smarmy to merely cheesy. The site was approved and went live.

Not even a week later, the Powers That Be decided that changes needed to be made. Because it was an Exxon product, it was decided a tiger needed to be added to the homepage. Then, later, the marketing department wanted to add an animated No Kerosene Odor logo. Then it was decided the Underwriters' Laboratories logo needed to be added. Soon after that, new sections were added to the site.

The end result was something that looked rather slapped together.

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