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We Extend Your Reach.
We Are Under Your Thumb.

We are your representatives in the virtual world. Our professionalism must always reflect yours. Our policies also reflect your higher standards.

The Client Bill of Rights

Unless specifically cleared by you, we will never discuss the details of your business or any of the projects we are working on with anyone - not even our pets.

You have the right to negotiate with us to be your exclusive interactive services provider in your industry sector. For example, DotComitas does not engineer law firm and legal information interactives because of an exclusive arrangement with Crone & Mason, PLC.

You have the right to copies of all source files we use in developing your projects. You are paying for the creation of something tangible, therefore, all the parts which were used to assemble it belong to you, too.

You have the right to require us to work with your favorite vendors. If you have a designer in mind for a project or a marketing firm you want us to work with, we will do so gladly.

You have the right to own all domains we work on for you. We will never ask you to assign ownership of any domain to us!

You have the right to make us sit down and listen to you. While we try to have big ears, if you ever feel like there is a failure in communication, tell us. We promise we will sit still and listen to you carefully.

The Blue Button Rule: You know your customers and needs best. If you decide a button needs to be made blue then we will make it so, no questions asked.


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